Kimball International

Research & Development Center

Constructed in the early 1970’s, Wing 8 was Kimball International’s first showroom that featured furniture built under the “Kimball” name. Over the years, Wing 8 was modified from a furniture showroom into leased office space as the company grew to become Kimball International. Eventually, Kimball International decided to consolidate the employees and various functions located in different offices in the Jasper community to the Global Office to increase productivity, efficiency, and reinforce the company’s collaborative culture. It was then that Kimball International decided to renovate the office space in Wing 8 into a new Research and Development Center.

Wing 8 was completed gutted including removal of ceilings and walls, systems furniture and replacing the HVAC and electrical systems to make way for the new Research and Development Center. Skylights and large extensive windows were introduced throughout which flooded the space with natural daylight. Glass separation was utilized between the furniture and materials testing lab from the office space to allow for increased connectivity and visibility between the technicians and engineers.

The new Research and Development Department is a primary stop on the Customer Service Experience Tour given to potential customers as they visit the facility. Customers witness the initial furniture design concepts at the 3D printer / makerspace area, and from there actually see products being testing for durability and quality. Kimball International is proud of their quality control processes and enjoy letting clients witness it firsthand in the newly transformed space.