MSD of North Posey County

Life Skills Classroom Renovation

This renovation is focused on breathing new life into the outdated life skills classrooms which aid in preparing special needs students at North Posey junior high and high school for a bright future. The space is split into two areas that include the diploma area and non-diploma area.

The diploma area includes two groups of student desks that each center around an instructor desk. Students may visit this classroom for one period a day to get assistance for a single subject or more, if needed. The non-diploma area allows students to gain a newfound independence by learning basic household skills. It is equipped with an instruction area; a full-size residential kitchen complete with a stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and coffee maker; and a laundry area with a washer and dryer.

Between the two spaces is a sensory area for non-diploma students. It’s a calm, safe space for students to decompress and includes amenities such as a swing, sensory objects, adjustable lighting and a bed, which serves as a teaching tool and is also available if a student needs to rest.

There is a new restroom with an adult changing table, an updated HVAC system, new lighting and updated finishes. Branding throughout honors the North Posey Vikings and inspirational quotes inspire the students to be the best versions of themselves. This renovation provides students with an exceptional learning space where they can learn the basic skills for their lives ahead.