Evansville Parks and Recreation

Wesselman Park Pickleball Courts

As the popularity of pickleball continues to soar, the City of Evansville recognized the need for top-notch facilities to accommodate players of all skill levels and foster a sense of community engagement. While Wesselman Park already offers tennis courts, it will soon also offer 16 new pickleball courts, six 15’ x 20’ spectator patios, timer-controlled LED lighting, a grandstand, an events lawn and a new restroom facility.

With the hope of attracting nationwide talent and pickleball tournaments, the courts are made with post-tensioned, reinforced concrete. This concrete system eliminates the need for control joints and expansion joints that would create an irregular surface for the game ball to bounce off its anticipated trajectory. Instead, to prevent cracking, inside the concrete, underneath the high-quality sports surfacing, are steel cables that are tightened like guitar strings so the concrete is secure and remains crack-free. This concrete, and the new total of 124 parking spaces, will be key factors in the park’s selection as a future tournament venue.

During the design of this project, it was important to ensure that the new construction integrated with the existing facilities and natural features and character of the park. It was imperative that no wooded areas were obstructed. When complete, the park will be a hub for tennis and pickleball enthusiasts, providing not only a space for friendly competition but also a welcoming environment for players to connect and enjoy the vibrant spirit of both sports. Construction for this project is expected to be complete in the Spring of 2024.