Swonder Ice Arena

With an exceptionally high demand for an existing but deteriorating one-sheet ice rink, the City of Evansville was determined to replace Swonder Ice Arena with an all new facility offering expanded services. The new Swonder Ice Arena provides two sheets of ice with spectator seating, a fitness center and even a skateboard park.

This new building features a dominant central core, with a graceful metal roof and diagonal metal wall panels. The linear one-story masonry base grounds itself into the site and cradles the larger metal volume. Resourceful management of the budget during design allowed bonus features such as theatrical lighting, music and video systems to be incorporated.

Swonder Ice Arena is now able to offer more programs of various types to meet the needs of the local community. This successful design has exceeded expectations and is literally used “around the clock”. It is recognized as one of the premier venues in the Midwest.