Orthopaedic Associates

Evansville West

Orthopaedic Associates recognized a need for convenient care to patients on the west side of Evansville and the outlying community, so they built another location to serve this need. The exterior of the building features metal panels along the entry canopy and a two-tone brick scheme that matches the other Orthopaedic Associates’ locations, which was important in enhancing the brand recognition of the company. Since this facility is located in a development nearby other medical offices, the building was designed to complement those facilities.

Patients are greeted in an inviting atmosphere featuring warm colors and materials throughout. The therapy gym contains large expanses of glass offering interesting views to the exterior while patients complete therapy. The waiting area also includes glass curtain wall as well as the employee break room. All of the glass allows natural daylight to flood these spaces. Other spaces included in the facility include exam rooms, x-ray, casting rooms, nurse stations and offices.

Much thought and consideration was given to the layout of the office to provide physicians and staff with an efficient workflow. The exam rooms and casting rooms were arranged in pods to aid in efficiency. The building was also designed with energy efficiency in mind and includes a geothermal system to cuts down on operating costs.

Patients have appreciated having a new orthopaedic specialty practice nearby, giving them a convenient option for their medical care.