The Women’s Hospital

The Breast Center Renovation

Hafer worked closely with the staff at The Breast Center to understand the unique needs of their patient population before designing a reconfigured medical office suite for them. As a very busy and growing medical office, it was important to design the floor plan in order to maximize space and create an efficient flow for both patients and staff. Through careful planning, this project was completed while The Breast Center stayed in operation which was accomplished through multiple phases of construction.

With a dedication to providing compassionate care, the Breast Center desired to create a comforting, spa-like atmosphere where their patients feel relaxed. This feeling was achieved through use of a warm color palette, decorative metal art panels, quartz countertops and comfortable furniture. The changing rooms featured decorative acrylic, sliding doors which contributed to the overall calming nature of the space.

In total, the Breast Center consists of ultrasound rooms, mammography rooms, reading room, bone density room, tech office, consulting room, reception and waiting area, and dressing rooms with a gown waiting area. The final project resulted in giving the Breast Center a space that promotes faster, more efficient care combined with an understanding, supportive environment for their patients.