Signature School

Robert L. Koch II Science Center

As a nationally acclaimed charter school with a waiting list of entrances, more space was needed to accommodate the growing number of applicants. The challenge was finding space in a tightly confined urban site located in downtown Evansville. The solution was to purchase the former bank building a block away from Signature Schools’ front door and transform it into the new Science Center.

This historic restoration included the installation of a new roof, new electrical and HVAC systems and new windows that complement the historic nature of the building. The structural system was upgraded to meet existing codes and the exterior brick and limestone was restored to coordinate seamlessly with surrounding buildings and the era in which it was built. A large clock tower is situated next to the building as an identifiable element of Signature School. The Science Center now features science labs, classrooms and a large lounge on the second floor overlooking the Ford Center and downtown Evansville.

Having this building has greatly helped Signature School meet the need for additional classrooms and common areas throughout the main school. The teachers and students have enjoyed the new space and it certainly has helped increase the School’s reputation for academic excellence.