University of Southern Indiana

Campus Store Renovation

To increase sales at the University’s Campus Store, USI hired Hafer to renovate their existing retail space during summer break. The overarching design goal was to create a more inviting and modern retail experience for students.

To increase visibility of the Campus Store within the University Center, a new, striking entrance was created through an all-glass store front featuring displays of product. Upon entering the renovated Campus Store, students, faculty and staff can find University apparel, textbooks and school supplies on a variety of displays and shelving units. One of the unique architectural characteristics of the new Store include the exposed ceiling with suspended clouds. Other features of the store that were improved include the lighting, security, cashier wraps and a more functional layout of the staff offices.

Since opening, the Campus Store has witnessed a dramatic increase in sales. The Store is now visually inviting, which lures students to visit and make incidental purchases.