St. Anthony Catholic Church

Miscellaneous Church Renovations

In 1894, the structure was laid for the new St. Anthony Catholic Church designed by the renowned architect Brother Adrian O.S.F. from Saint Louis. After being consecrated in 1896, this church became the sixth Catholic parish in Evansville.

Over the years, Hafer has worked with St. Anthony Catholic Church to remodel several areas within the church. These renovations consisted of upgrading mechanical systems, replacing the roof, new lighting, and updating the sound system to provide state-of-the-art technology throughout all areas of the church. Flatscreen tv’s were mounted on the columns to help parishioners who are unable to hear or see well. In addition, new pews were installed and flooring was replaced throughout. A large granite baptismal bath was also added near the entrance and new glass enclosures were incorporated to create privacy in the reconciliation room, cry room and nursery.

With these renovations completed over the past several years, St. Anthony Catholic Church has been restored to its former splendor. Parishioners are proud to have this church as their sanctuary and it has become a historical relic to be enjoyed by its members, visitors and the community.