Landscape Architecture

You may have heard that architecture shouldn’t have to be explained – the buildings should speak for themselves. Our landscape architects would say the same for their environments. They take the time to understand the intent of the space. Whether it’s a park, recreational space, memorial garden or streetscape beautification project, we focus on designing the experience - visually and emotionally.

Our experienced landscape architects plan and create spaces that are beautiful in their first year, but also have room to mature. It’s critical to understand how materials will be affected by the wear and tear of the environment, be it people, animals or weather. Hafer’s team creates environments that are designed to last, and actually get more beautiful over time. This kind of foresight takes dedication, knowledge and an incredible architectural vision for the space.

Hafer’s landscape architecture process starts by identifying our clients’ goals and our shared vision. We then apply our expertise to ensure our design creates a lasting first impression, captures the spirit of the location, and provides a basis for memorable experiences.