Hafer has over four decades of experience in corporate design. With that kind of longevity and history, it’s clear we’ve built our company’s reputation on designing better structures for your business. But we know it’s not just your business’ shelter – it’s an environment that encourages increased productivity and fosters inspiration. No one knows those needs better than you, so before we begin a corporate project, we spend time getting to know your business culture and operations, while reflecting on your distinct cultural identity.

As workplaces have evolved over the years, we’ve seen space become more available. Business card holders, calendars, calculators – they’ve all become obsolete as technology advances. But even as workplaces need less engineered space for storage of bulky equipment, the demands of a modern workplace have become even more strenuous. Cubicle farms are fading. This new generation of workers expect environments that are integrated with technology and are catalysts for collaboration.

Good spaces help build morale. Great spaces can even help in recruitment and retention of employees. Your facility design will differentiate your business, and our team understands it’s about more than designing a space that’s impressive. We leverage our knowledge of industry benchmarks, and collaborate with you to create a space that puts you years ahead of the competition.

For more information about corporate design, contact Jack Faber, AIA.