National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park

Renovation & Expansion

A motorsports park dedicated to “America’s Sports Car” must look the part. The National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park was heavily damaged by a tornado and instead of just repairing the facilities, they decided to improve them. This includes enhancing the guest experience with a renovation and expansion of the motorsports park’s Holley Control Tower and Kimberlee A. Fast Pavilion.

The Holley Control Tower will include new administration offices, and a redesigned check-in and retail area will greet guests to the park. Additional classroom space will offer more opportunities for learning. An expanded conference space will provide options for events such as weddings and trade shows and on the second floor, an updated outdoor terrace and bar are also available for special events. At the Kimberlee A. Fast Pavilion, a themed, fast-casual dining area allows guests to grab a bite to eat before gathering on an outdoor concourse and viewing area to watch cars on the track.

The renovation and expansion will ensure that NCM Motorsports Park remains a destination for not only Corvette lovers, but motorsport enthusiasts from around the world.