OFS Brands

Roots Cafe

OFS Brands, a family owned, community driven company, values kinship and collaboration between their employees. With this belief, they set out to renovate part of their existing office space to create a company-wide “kitchen”, affectionately named Roots Café. All other break rooms were demolished to make way for this new café where all employees are encouraged to come together throughout the day sparking impromptu conversations and project discussions.

Roots Café creates new work spaces and lounge spaces for employees separate from the normal private and open offices, for a change of scenery to inspire creative thought. A three-story opening in the center of the building was filled in to create a new “Bump” space adjacent to a newly reconfigured meeting room. Once an enclosed conference room, it is now a flexible meeting space with sliding glass walls and a new vibe.

It was also important to OFS that the project consider the health and wellbeing of their employees. A two-story living green wall under an expanse of existing skylights was incorporated which is not only visually appealing but helps contribute to a healthier workspace. The project was also designed around requirements necessary for WELL Certification.

The converted work environment now also serves as a working showroom for OFS Brands’ new furniture designs. Clients tour through the new space and see their furniture in real life situations. The space boasts a variety of unique settings from meetings spaces, to booth seating, desks, café and dining, and even a living room area.

Employees love the new space and truly enjoy the opportunity to mingle with co-workers who they may not usually see throughout the day in their office areas. The Roots Café has truly become the heart of the OFS community.