Berry Global

Corporate Headquarters

Berry Global is a major player in the competitive plastics industry. Their focus is creatively designing and efficiently manufacturing plastic products for their clients. The new corporate headquarters was designed to highlight the creative culture and capabilities that their designers can provide to their clients, while at the same time, providing a sophisticated work environment for the company’s executives.

Berry Global often brings their clients to their headquarters to see the manufacturing practices and meet the people behind the product. To differentiate their company, the new facility was used as a way to impress potential and current clients by delivering a “WOW” factor. From the moment a client walks in the door to when the final tour is complete, the experience is top notch.

The design intent for the project was to incorporate “plastic” forms, shapes, and materials throughout the existing warehouse space in order to reflect and represent the products being created at this facility. To be more specific, “Plastic” was not only considered as a noun, but also as an adjective as the concepts developed throughout the design process.

Contained within the new facility is The Design Center. It is in this part of the project where existing and potential clients are given the opportunity to experience Berry Global products in authentic real-world settings. This is done through the creation of exhibit spaces that depict: Residential, Commercial, and Institutional environments.

Berry Global Corporate Headquarters was designed to meet LEED Certification standards. A few of the steps that were taken to do this are: Access to views to the exterior by all employees, sunscreens to reduce solar heat gain, integration of a highly efficient HVAC system, automated lighting and temperature controls to make adjustments when spaces are not occupied, and the use of renewable/recyclable finishes.