Evansville Regional Airport

Expansion & Renovation

Evansville Regional Airport is a gateway to Southwest Indiana and is often the first impression many visitors have when coming to the area. Originally built in 1988 and with very few upgrades over the years, the airport hired Hafer and CHA Consulting to modernize the facility with three distinct areas of focus.

The first area of focus consisted of building an addition to the terminal for administrative offices which allowed for amenities in the concourse. Improving the site was the second focus of the project which included the addition of a canopy across the main terminal drive, a taxi pick-up lane, a covered walkway to the car rental lot and new entrance signage and lighting. Additionally, a new beautiful lawn with colorful landscaping now greets passengers upon arrival to the airport.

The third, and largest, focus of this project was the terminal renovation. The requirement by TSA to move security to a centralized area was the motivation behind this focus.  New amenities included a new restaurant and bar located past the security checkpoint, along with a kids play area, a large Wi-Fi lounge with business huddle rooms, and a pet relief room. The existing skylight was replaced with a new energy efficient configuration that brings in more diffused natural daylight. Airline ticketing and car rental desks were remodeled as well as the information center. And lastly, the interior concourse received upgraded finishes throughout including updated connectivity ready furnishings.

Now complete, the airport operates more efficiently and undoubtedly provides an impressive front door to the community.