Jacobsville Streetscape Improvements

Jacobsville, located just north of downtown Evansville, is a neighborhood in the midst of a transformation, known for its active antique and thrift shops, eateries and iconic landmarks. As an overall community goal, Evansville is working to connect the five cultural districts in its urban core (including Jacobsville) to create a more inviting, walkable and sustainable community. The Jacobsville Streetscape Improvements project is the first part of the overall revitalization.

Exactly one mile, consisting of 16 blocks, Jacobsville’s streetscapes were restored back to their original charm through several improvements. New wider pedestrian walkways and bike lanes were added, as well historic lighting, benches, bus stops and landscaping. In addition, more space was created along storefronts allowing businesses to enhance the retail experience through outdoor dining, product displays or advertisements.

The project includes green infrastructure initiatives. A storm water management system was incorporated to reduce water runoff, improve water quality and divert water from the City’s sewer system.

This revitalization project has promise to attract new business, increase tourism and visitors to the area, increase property values, create new jobs, calm the vehicular traffic and improve air quality. It is a key component to the linking of Evansville’s cultural districts and meeting the community’s goals of connectivity and pedestrian friendliness.