St. Mary Church

Master Plan & New Church

Through a thorough process involving in-depth research and interviews with parishioners and church committees, a master plan was created to answer a few tough questions. St. Mary Church, built in 1906 with a seating capacity of 400 people, has experienced a vast amount of growth. They needed to determine if their current facility could be modified to allow a total of 1200 parishioners to worship at one time.  It was determined that a new church built in its place is the most economical and functional solution. The master plan also recommends methods to improve campus circulation between buildings, increase parking, and proposes thoughtful outdoor spaces to be used for social events. 

Although members of St. Mary Church adore the existing church building, it was evident that a new church would need to be built. It was specified by the parish members that the new church provide the same feel and traditional character of the existing church.  Since this direction was given, the new design employs various traditional details, with material choices and other elements reflective of the historic town, as well as reminiscent of the old church. St. Mary Church is excited to provide their expanded church family with a fresh and flexible place to worship that meets their ever growing needs. The project is currently under design and is expected to be complete in December 2019.