As poet and essayist, Rita Dove once said, “Libraries are where it all begins.” From academic libraries serving students and researchers to public libraries providing social events and unparalleled access to information, these institutions are a cornerstone of their communities. And, despite being an ancient institution, libraries are still as fresh and important as ever. This makes them exciting projects for the architects, engineers, and designers at Hafer.

With the advent of mobile devices, easy access to WiFi, and pocket-sized A.I. like Siri, libraries had to reinvent themselves to help answer the changing needs of their visitors. Our team has risen to this challenge, crafting libraries that respond to the needs of the people they serve; creating portals of exploration, and celebrating education and community in both academic and public settings.

From exceptionally beautiful, light-filled communal areas to quiet breakout spaces for individual or small group study, we’ve been curating libraries that meet the needs of modern students, researchers, and patrons of all ages. We apply our characteristic forethought and planning to every aspect of the libraries we craft, and deliver modern masterpieces that will stand the test of time.

For more information on library design, please contact Jack Faber.