Henderson County Schools

Jefferson Elementary

After a feasibility study determined it would be best to build a new school to replace the current one built in 1964, plans began to design the new K-5 school for 400 students. Using 21st century school principles, Jefferson Elementary is primed for collaboration and rich learning experiences.

The school features a large, open two-story media center on the first floor, complete with a makerspace to inspire STEM learning and advanced audio/visual learning. Art, music, computer and resource rooms are clustered around the media center and classrooms for kindergarten and first grade are located along the perimeter of the first floor. The second floor contains classrooms for grades 2-5 as well as collaboration spaces where kids can learn from one another in a less formal setting. An outdoor classroom is also located here where teachers can take students outside on a pleasant day.

The flexible design allows students to learn in a variety of ways and teachers to have the ability to change the environment conducive to their needs on any given day. The school is filled with the latest technology but designed so it can change as technology changes. It was crucial the design looked beyond the present, anticipating future needs.

Jefferson Elementary School provides an innovative facility that gives students the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.