American Patriot Group

Corporate Offices

A true American patriot, the Owner of this building wanted his love and pride for our country to be reflected throughout the design of this corporate office building. It was inspired by the neoclassical architecture from the mid-18th century that can be seen throughout Washington, D.C. including The White House, U.S. Department of the Treasury, and Lincoln Memorial. The very formal and symmetrical design features a grand entrance, large white columns, and exquisite landscaping.

The impressive design of the exterior carries over throughout the interiors which consists of white marble floors, a spiral staircase, and custom artwork, windows and doors. The building includes 6 office suites, a board room, a kitchen, and an elegant gallery with a domed ceiling and oculus so light can fill the room.

The Owner’s goal of a classically inspired building was achieved through this sophisticated, refined corporate office. The upscale facility is often the location where private political and corporate parties are held.