Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana

New Gallery & Roof Terrace

The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana purchased a historic building which used to house Weingarten Furs until the 1960s when Menter Company (a clothing store) took its place. The building was transformed into an eclectic art gallery with an honest nod to its historical character and an incorporation of modern elements. The art gallery features floating white gallery walls to hang artwork on top of exposed brick and a gray polyester fabric panel which harkens back to the clothing store it once was. The pressed metal panels in the ceiling were taken down and refinished and placed back in their original place.

The art gallery was designed with flexibility in mind. A mobile art gallery wall was incorporated so the gallery can be configured in multiple settings. The staircase leading up to the roof terrace was designed so that art could be displayed there. The roof terrace provides a unique setting for the public to view art in an outdoor environment. Decking was laid, decorative lighting was strung and bench seating was provided to complete this distinctive gallery space.

This new art gallery is an exciting development along the main thoroughfare in Downtown Evansville. Its’ presence enhances the quality of life for the community and supports and promotes art education and local artists.