Ascension Hospital for Women & Children

Main Lobby Renovation

St. Vincent Hospital for Women & Children knows that atmosphere is important to the overall patient and family experience, and that experience starts at the patient’s arrival at the entrance. The overarching concept of the renovation is to create a spa-like environment. The project began with the refurbishment of the vestibule, main lobby, elevator corridor and adjacent conference room. Within the main lobby, a cove lighting system was utilized to accent a new stone wall. Additionally, wood wall finishes and raised ceiling heights create a more open and inviting feel.

Off the lobby, the conference room is available for staff training as well as various classes the hospital provides for the community. The spa-like setting is carried throughout this room with light-colored finishes and a wide expanse of windows that lets in ample light and provides scenic views of outside.

This lobby is part of several improvements at the hospital. The mother-baby unit — including mother-baby suites, a nurse station and a parents’ lounge — was recently updated (See the project here), and the hospital is currently renovating the OB emergency department, as well as labor, delivery and recovery.