St. Vincent Evansville

Hybrid OR

With St. Vincent Evansville’s mission to provide unique procedures and improve the quality of life for their patients, they decided to incorporate a hybrid operating room (OR) into the hospital. The hybrid OR combines a conventional operating room with an imaging system which allows physicians to simultaneously reach a diagnosis and provide treatment during surgical interventions. Both the patients and the staff benefit from this OR.

In order to make way for this new hybrid OR, a multi-phased renovation was planned to allow the current surgery suite to stay in operation. Hafer’s role on this project was to design the mechanical and electrical engineering systems. Mechanically, this included a dedicated air handler, sub-cooling system and dedicated emergency power system. Due to minimal ceiling cavity space, a modular air distribution system was installed to provide a HEPA filtered laminar flow system above the operating table in order to provide superior air distribution. In addition, a new generator and three transfer switches were installed on the floor below to provide its own electrical emergency power system. The new mechanical and electrical engineering systems are all energy efficient, reducing operating costs for the hospital.

Now complete, the new hybrid OR has enhanced patient safety and care as well as increased efficiency of the OR and the staff.