Stoll Keenon Ogden

Law Office Expansion

To become more prevalent in the Evansville market, Stoll Keenon Ogden moved their branch office across the Ohio River to downtown Evansville. As a tenant in a large corporate office building, SKO hired Hafer to help them differentiate themselves among the other tenants. Their office suite offered a prominent location and high visibility but had challenges relative to disruption that came from the three-story atrium and café below. This problem was remedied by replacing an open glass rail to the lobby with a glass wall. Located along the glass partition are the lobby and conference rooms with views of the atrium below. The beauty of the glass wall is that natural light pours in providing a fresh, uplifting work environment while giving the law office the exposure it desires and showcasing the high-tech and high quality interior spaces.

The project included demolishing an existing suite and replacing it with a completely new office suite. The office included public space situated towards the atrium and office space for employees were located in the back to take advantage of the impressive river and city views. It was noted that Hafer did a great job designing the space to harmoniously blend the contemporary nature of the building with the more traditional imagery desired by the law office.