Newburgh Chandler Public Library

Chandler Library Renovation

With modern day technology at everyone’s fingertips, libraries have had to rethink their original use as a community beacon for reading, learning and research. Instead, libraries are transitioning into a central hub for connection within a community. Newburgh Chandler Public Library knew it was time to update Chandler Library - originally designed by Hafer in the early 1980s - for today’s users.

With the exterior in good condition, the design focused on renovating the interior. The interior design imparts new life and excitement through fresh paint, new flooring, new lighting and furniture. In addition to revamping the main library, teen space, and community meeting room, the children’s library now has a more whimsical feel with a bright, bold color palette, unique lighting and fun, custom ribbon bookshelves that include reading nooks where children can sit and enjoy a good book. A new reading room in the children’s library provides a quiet space for story time and offers more storage for programming materials. The children’s library showcases great views of outside, including a new park just in front of the building.

Located within a large neighborhood, it was important to create a safer connection between the library and surrounding homes, so the park was created. Woods were cleared and walking paths and lighting were added, making the space more open and providing an area for outdoor activities and events.

Chandler Library is now truly a library for the 21st century and patrons are returning again and again.