Howell Wetlands

Howell Wetlands is a beautiful park that sits on 35-acres of marshland where several different types of species, vegetation and wildlife can be found, including beavers, waterfowl and the rare green tree frog. It is considered a hidden gem in the midst of urban surroundings.

The project for Howell Wetlands included restoring bottomland woods to their original character and preserving areas for the public to view and enjoy. This encompassed creating trails as well as a boardwalk within natural wetland areas that would be compatible with the existing natural setting. Also included in this project was educational kiosks, site furnishings and design of a new parking court to promote access to the trail head.

Today, the peaceful wetlands of Howell Park are used as a retreat where people can enjoy hiking and children and adults alike explore the natural setting of the vegetation and wildlife in the park.