Sunrise Park

Hafer and Rundell Ernstberger Associates were commissioned to prepare, design and construction plans for a new city park in Evansville, Sunrise Park. The city’s goal for the former landfill was to create an urban oasis for pedestrians that was unique, spiritual and contemplative. It sits close to the Downtown Riverfront and is one of the most beautiful parks in the community.

The project consisted of creating pedestrian trails for walking, jogging and bicycling, a gazebo and restroom facilities. Bicycle racks, benches, shelters and park lighting were also features of the design. Raised formal flower gardens, evergreen tree gardens and a unique rose arbor make this park special and unique.

Because of the popularity of the park, a local non-profit organization raised funds to construct a large “fortress” style playset to add to the experiences available.

Today, Sunrise Park is a popular park that is used by all ages and groups of people in the Evansville community. People gather here for lunch, to exercise or read a book, and children enjoy coming to this place to play.