Beck’s Superior Hybrids

Seed Research, Testing and Distribution

Beck’s Superior Hybrids, a seed research, testing and distribution operation, built their first permanent location in Kentucky. Located on 150 acres, Beck’s delivers seed products to farmers in Kentucky, Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois. They conduct field tests on customers’ own farms and help farmers produce larger crop yields using less fertilizer and pesticides.

The new facility consists of offices, a warehouse, training room, break room and loading docks. The training room serves as an educational facility which can accommodate groups ranging from 120 to 180 people. In addition, this building includes a maintenance shop with a compressed air system, welding exhaust system and tractor repair.

Since opening, the successful Henderson location has become the standard for future buildings and expansions at other Beck’s locations throughout the United States. Hafer has now designed similar facilities for Beck’s in Ohio, Illinois and Iowa.